Tylar WC Murray's Abridged Portfolio

Interdisciplinary PhD consultant with a passion for data visualization/analysis, pragmatic software engineering, FOSS, and science!

Automation Systems Hardware

"Internet of Things" (IoT) Systems Engineering Building physical systems lighting, Audio+Visual, sensors, Home Assitant ESPHome Arduino Raspberry Pi Linux

Research Faciliation Systems

I specialize in Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) with scientific resarchers as the user group. This generally entails data science and data visualization tasks. Many programming languages, especially python, R, and bash. Big-Data systems AWS GCloud and distributed technologies IPFS. Data and multimedia content management - work often with storage and processing of terabyte-scale image collections.

Personal Health Data and Data-Driven-Self-Coaching

Applications of data collection and analysis on human behavioral health data Micro-journaling, fitbit, habitica, Daylio, custom spreadsheet data. Time series analysis and My broad data science background allows me to aid in planning and optimization of applied machine learning. I am in the business of applying the state-of-the-art to solve interesting problems.

Next Up...

My favorite work is in adding technical capacity to projects of personal passion. Email me about the techncial blockers between you and your dreams and I will do my best to help. Broad recruiting statements generally get filtered automatically by my email system.